Jean Hanger

Dryers are great. I mean, who doesn’t love getting to dive into your pile of warm clothes after they’ve been tumbled around for a while – but your drying machine isn’t always the best for your threads. Throwing your favorite pair of jeans in again and again can wear them down, so instead of shortening the life on your Levis, you should throw them on the Jean Hanger.

Designed by Steven Sal Debus, these hangers are built to make air-drying easy to do. Simply slip your pants onto the beech wood hanger by the belt loops and hang them up alongside your shirts, and you’ll have air-dried denim with no wrinkles in no time. All things said – this is by no means a revolutionary design, but it is a small, well made tool that will help make your life easier, or at least your apartment less cluttered with pants hanging over the backs of chairs and slipping off of shirt-hangers. Going price for these are set at $10 a pop. [Purchase]

Jean Hanger 1

Jean Hanger 2