Jarvis Paddle Boards

For anyone who’s constantly outdoors or in and out of the water, Stand Up Paddleboarding is nothing new. In fact, the pastime has been around for centuries, dating back to indigenous people of South America who would carve their boards from trees to traverse local rivers. And from the looks of these new SUP boards from Austin-based Jarvis Boards, the SUP is returning to its roots.

Jarvis boards looks to build the best SUPS for both users and the planet, embracing American craftsmanship along the way. Their harvested materials leave minimal impacts on the environment and consistently include locally curated wood, reclaimed lumber, recycled foam, and even leather. Combined, each SUP is extremely durable and leaves little impact on the natural world. The resulting boards are as light or, in some cases, even lighter than the typical foam board, weighing between 21 and 28 pounds. Most models are available now on their website. Prices start around $1,900. [Via: BlessThisStuff ]
Purchase: $1,900

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