Jaquet Droz Signing Machine

While some might dismiss the Jaquet Droz Signing Machine as an overcomplicated hunk of hardware – a glorified Rube Goldberg machine, a wind-up toy for billionaires, a clockwork lemon – we choose to look at this $365,000 contraption through a lens of appreciation. The superior craftsmanship and mechanical mastery that were necessary to build the Jaquet Droz signing machine are evident in its complex and flawless inner orchestration.

The culmination of four years of painstaking work by some of the most dextrous designers in the world, the Jaquet Droz signing machine is emblematic of the company’s history of creating truly astonishing machines. The automaton, programmable by hand to reproduce two complete and flawless facsimiles of your signature before needing to be wound again by a side lever, was revealed at a celebration of the brand’s 280th anniversary. Upon purchase, buyers may customize the machine however they would like, consistent with Jaquet Droz’s philosophy of producing unique products for unique individuals. It truly is a marvel of artisanal adroitness, despite its apparent frivolity, and it only costs as much as a medium-sized house.

Purchase: $367,500