Jansport Joins The Sustainable Gear Movement With A Recycled Backpack

Amidst the massive growth in sustainable manufacturing practices and an industry-wide departure from the more deplorable methods of creation, buyers have been eagerly awaiting an announcement from one of their most trusted backpack brands. Now, Jansport has released the SUPERBREAK — an iconic carrier that stays true to the company’s design-focused roots, while still introducing a fully-recycled architecture.

The Jansport Recycled SUPERBREAK backpack was built with Mother Nature in mind and features a 100% recycled 900D polyester Cordura construction, recycled polyester labels, and a modest 16-liter internal carrying capacity. As a representation of the brand’s vision for its futuristic adventure gear, the SUPERBREAK offers wearers a suite of durable components and textiles, including reinforced jacquard webbing, straight-shoulder straps, and an organizer panel that’s been gifted with an area for secure key attachment/storage. To round things out, each example has been adorned in 100% recycled nylon webbing and cording. Head to Jansport’s website to learn more about the $50 bag.

Purchase: $50