Jannarelly Design-1 Roadster

What a way to kick off an automotive brand. Dubai-based auto builder Jannarelly just announced their scheduled launch of a 1960s tribute packaged in carbon fiber. The builders, Anthony Jannarelly, designer of W Motors, and Frederic Juillot, owner of Equation Composite, a company that specializes in carbon fiber parts, combined their extensive skills to produce the beauty you see before you.

Dubbed the “Design-1,” the car’s smooth lines and mechanical approach pay homage to what Anthony Jannarelly referred to as, “the golden age of sports cars and [this car] serves as the starting point of an emotional journey through the essence of motoring.” The design is a rear-wheel drive, two-seater roadster featuring a steel frame and structural aluminum panels for the chassis. Under the hood lies a naturally-aspirated V6 24-valve engine mated to a six-speed transmission. Each one pumps out 306 HP, hitting 62mph in four seconds, and tops out at speeds of 135 mph. The first 30 deliveries are expected this summer with hopefully more to come as the year wears on. Pricing is available upon request. [Purchase]

Jannarelly Design-1 front 2 GR A3 3

Jannarelly Design-1 side 4 GR A3 2

Jannarelly Design-1 top GR A3 5

Jannarelly Design-1 top side GR A3 1

Jannarelly Design-1 rear3 GR A3 4