Jane’s Ultra-Tough ARAMITH Motorcycle Jeans Can Survive A 50MPH Slide

Fresh on the heels of the release of their Kingsland Parka, New York’s Jane Motorcycles has just released their latest premium motorcycle gear offering with their new Norman ARMALITH Riding Pants. An updated and improved version of the Brooklyn company’s original Norman Riding Pants, the newest variant boasts full ARMALITH waxed denim construction.

The very first composite abrasion-resistant material offered in a single layer of fabric, ARMALITH is touted as being the world’s strongest denim. The rugged material is made by blending a mixture of cotton and ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers that together result in a denim material with a “core framework.” Jane’s new Norman ARMALITH pants feature 14oz ARMALITH waxed denim that affords four full seconds of slide time at 50mph. Further bolstering the Norman ARMALITH’s protection are knee and hip pockets for removable D30 armor (sold separately). Made in New York, these five-pocket motorcycle riding jeans also sport articulated knees for a less restrictive range of movement and a seat yoke that mitigates wear on the seam. The Jane Motorcycles Norman ARMALITH Riding Pants carry an MSRP of $375.

Purchase: $375