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Jane Gives The 1940s N1 Naval Deck Jacket An Armored Moto-Ready Revival

When it comes to crafting motorcycle gear that’s as at home on the street as it is on the bike, Jane Motorcycles is second to none. In each and every one of the Brooklyn-based brand’s offerings, you can expect a timeless design, quality construction, and — most importantly — in-built protective elements to keep you safe. And their newest piece of outerwear is no different.

Dubbed the ‘Deck Jacket,’ it’s Jane’s riff on the N1 that was developed during the 1940s in order to keep servicemen warm and dry while at sea. Like the original, it features an outer layer made from Bedford corded cotton, a material that looks the part and takes a licking. And that’s not all — in keeping with true period correctness, Jane also sourced some warm alpaca wool for the inner lining. Add to that a tailored fit for a flap-free ride and some zippered pouches at the elbows and shoulders for d30 armor, and you have a jacket that makes for a fitting moto-ready redux of a WWII-worn icon. It’s available for $675 at the link below.

Purchase: $675