Jamstack Attachable Guitar Amp

You’d think that, with a guitar, you could play anywhere you’re able to carry the instrument. Well, that’s only really true in the case of acoustics or if you’re willing to go without amplification. Even most portable amps require you to set it down somewhere – tethering your instrument to that spot. The Jamstack flips the script, however, as it’s a guitar amp that attaches directly to your guitar.

Using your guitar’s existing strap button, the Jamstack can attach to your instrument of choice in seconds and, since it weighs only under two pounds, most players won’t even notice its weight. What you get out of that is an super portable 10-watt amp loaded with two ultra premium 1.5 inch drivers and an 8-hour battery life. The coolest part, though, is the Jamstack’s smartphone integration – with an included mount, it can run your guitar’s signal through your phone (either iOS or Android), utilize both digital effects pedal apps and backing tracks, and then pump it out through its onboard speakers for the ultimate on-the-go playing experience. All this can be yours for $199.

Purchase: $199