James Brand ‘The County’ Pocket Knife

May 19, 2017

Category: Gear

In the tradition of the classic Buck pocket knife comes a new offering from The James Brand that might just be the new platinum standard for EDC blades, as well as collector knives. Meet The County Knife. It’s a simple slip joint straight back knife, but underneath it shows a sense of style and utility that is largely absent from the pocket knife world.

The handle is entirely walnut while the blade itself is hard Sandvic 12C27 steel that’s built for hacking through twine, whittling up a skewer, or just slashing through the fan letters that people are still sending through the mail for some reason. Unpretentious in the extreme, there’s phosphor bronze washers on the inside along with 416 stainless steel hardware to round out the impressive handle / blade combo. Slim cut and perfect for the pocket, it doesn’t even have a clip to snag during a quick pull. Pick yours up for $150.

Purchase: $150

James The County Pocket Knife 2

James The County Pocket Knife 3

James The County Pocket Knife 4

James The County Pocket Knife 5

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