Add Some Unique Patina To Your EDC With TJB’s Handsome Brass Collection

James Brand is one of the most notable names in everyday carry, and they didn’t earn that title with a catalog of lackluster tools. Over the years, the brand has created a handful of lauded peripherals and accessories, providing buyers with sleek, utilitarian alternatives to everyday items. Now, the outfit has brought an air of vintage appeal to three of its favorite offerings with the Brass Collection.

The James Brand Brass Collection is comprised of three unique items from the company’s already-established catalog: the Stillwell pen, Pike pocket knife, and Mehlville carabiner. If you aren’t well-acquainted with the brand’s items, they’re relatively simple to remember. The Stillwell is a modern, performance-focused pen that’s been re-envisioned as a smaller iteration of its counterparts. The Pike pocket knife, on the other hand, is a proprietary interpretation of a classic, non-locking slip-joint model. And last, but not least, the Mehlville acts as a clean, geometrically-sound alternative to contemporary carabiners, thanks to its dual compartment construction. For the aptly-named Brass Collection, James Brand has outfitted each item with its very own brass structure, resulting in a timeless, upscale look that harkens back to vintage accessories from eras past. Head to the brand’s website to pick up your favorite piece for $65 and up.

Purchase: $65+