James Bond’s ‘License To Kill’ Rolex Submariner

With the tag-line “Out for revenge,” Licence To Kill is one of the more famous Bond titles. The film was Timothy Dalton’s final portrayal of 007 — he was subsequently replaced by Pierce Brosnan. The film was darker than other Bond films but still packed the same enthralling action. Now, a Rolex Submariner worn by Dalton’s stunt double in the film is up for auction, and it’s expected to fetch a pretty penny.

All Bond fans know that James has an affinity for nice watches. The submariner featured most memorably in a car chase scene, in which 007 (or more likely, his stand-in) whips a tanker truck through Mexico. Should you shell out and buy this watch, you’ll also receive paperwork from Rolex and a slew of online photos documenting its premier provenance. In one shot, Dalton can be seen wearing the Submariner 16610, too. A definite collector’s item for any serious Bond fan.

Purchase: $80,000+