You Could Own This Rolex Submariner 6538 As Seen In ‘Dr. No’ And ‘Goldfinger’

No other watch boasts the renown of the Rolex Submariner 6538, a model that’s become so synonymous with the James Bond franchise that it’s often referred to as simply the “Bond Rolex.” However, what few people realize is that the 6538 actually made its way to 007’s wrist by accident: It was a last-minute loan given to Sean Connery by producer Albert Broccoli when it was discovered that a Rolex was needed on set.

The example pictured here is estimated to have been produced in 1957. Like the model worn by Connery in his film performances, this watch features a 2-line gilt dial rather than the 4-line version common to most 6538 reference Rolexes. Considered by many collectors to be one of the most recognizable divers of all time, it features all of the hallmarks of what makes the watch so iconic, including a 38mm case, an oversized 8mm crown, and a distinctive red triangle bezel insert. When paired with its period-correct rivet-link Oyster bracelet, this version makes for an excellent example of a highly sought-after piece. And, despite its age, all luminous markers remain intact and the stainless steel case shows only slight wear. Bid now to make it yours.

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