James Bond Cars

Oct 21, 2015

Category: Entertainment

Anyone who has seen any James Bond film knows that one of the coolest aspects of the movies is always Bond’s car. The vehicles the international spy gets to drive around in are second to none. The James Bond Cars book celebrates the many great cars from the franchise’s long history.

Although you’d think it only covers Bond’s cars, the book actually takes an in-depth look at other various machines that Bond has used, including jetpacks, tanks, and other atypical modes of transport. The book also delves into the cars of Bond’s lovers and enemies. From the iconic Aston Martin with its ejector seat to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, it contains a plethora of great Bond cars. And, With Spectre around the corner, it’ll make the perfect addition to your coffee table. It’s available now for $25. [Purchase]

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