Evasion Rooftop Tent

It’s fun to hit the road in a 4×4 for an extended off-road trip. But it’s not so fun to set up a tent and sleep in the mud you’ve just driven through. The good news is, with the Evasion rooftop tent, you won’t have to ever again.

Roof rack-compatible and fitting for most vehicles, this offering from James Baroud is about as adventure ready as they come. Not only is it spacious and comfortable, but it offers 360-degree panoramic views, is waterproof and wind-resistant up to 74 mph, and – while normally breathable – also has a solar-powered ventilation system for hotter days. Pair that with the fact that it comes with a dual-mountable telescoping ladder, a high-density foam mattress, and opens and closes in just 5 seconds and you might just want to drop the $3,600+ now and ditch your current living situation altogether to embrace life on the road.

Purchase: $3,600+