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Jaguar Reveals A 250+MPH E-Racer Created For The Next ‘Gran Tursimo’ Game

Between the growing number of high-profile race series utilizing cutting-edge sims in lieu of IRL wheel-to-wheel competition and the general rise of eSports, a trend has emerged over the last year that’s seen several major automotive manufacturers invest time and resources into designing cars solely and specifically to appear in video games. And now, on the heels of Ford’s gamer crowdsourced P1 conceptual hypercar, Jaguar has revealed its own digital-only concept with the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV.

Built for (simulated) endurance racing, the digitally-rendered concept is kicked along by a fully-electric, 1,877hp (1,400kW) powertrain that, when coupled with its ultra-slippery bodywork, allows for top speeds exceeding 250mph. Designed and engineered by Jaguar SV specifically for the forthcoming installment of the Gran Turismo racing game series, the Vision GT SV has been aerodynamics optimized through the use of cutting-edge simulation tools and draws ample inspiration from prior Jaguar models like the C-type, D-type, XJR-9, and XJR-14. In addition to digitally rendering the E-Racer, Jag has also built a full-scale model of the Vision GT SV. For more information, you can check out the link below, or drive the concept Jag in the forthcoming Grand Turismo game in 2021.

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