Jaguar Future-Type Concept

When people talk about the future of cars and travel, they inevitably mention autonomous vehicles. It is easy to see why. Cars are increasingly featuring autonomous driving modes, and over the past year a handful of companies have announced ambitious plans to begin producing more of them. Yet, every marque’s idea of what this future will look like varies – even if only slightly. Take for instance, Jaguar’s Future-Type Concept.

Jaguar is anticipating a world in which people access vehicles through a membership program rather than actually owning one. The ‘key’ to that service would be a steering wheel that Jaguar is tentatively naming Sayer. Members could summon a car using voice control, and then have said vehicle take them everywhere and anywhere. Of course, when passengers feel like driving rather than socializing with friends, they’ll be able to do just that. Who knows how viable this future may be, but it sure is fun to imagine it.

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