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Khyzl Saleem Treats The Jaguar E-Type To A Thoroughly Slammed Redesign

Khyzl Saleem is undoubtedly one of the most talented conceptual automotive designers in the world, with an uncanny and unparalleled ability to inject modern hypercar traits into existing models, no matter the genre or era. For one of his latest rendered works, Saleem has turned his attention to Jaguar’s E-Type, bestowing his signature treatment upon the legendary British sports car.

Starting with the 1960s classic, the self-taught designer’s thoroughly slammed the XK-E, giving it a low ride-height and stretching the front and aft ends to give it something of a longtail aesthetic. Diffusers, lips, and skirts were added all around, and the six-cylinder engine — which pokes out from the concept’s heavily-stylized hood — now ejects spent fumes via a pair of Shely Cobra-style three-into-one mufflers running horizontally from behind the front wheel wells to under the doors. The wheels are an interesting contemporary take on the Type-E’s original spoked items. There are also modern race seats, LED lighting throughout, and a small rear spoiler that help to modernize the Jag, while elements like the curved windshield and grill keep one foot firmly planted in the past. To see more of Khyzl Saleem’s work, you can check out the link below.

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