Jaguar’s Type-E Factory Tool Kit Is The Perfect Set For Your Classic Ride

In the early 1960s, Jaguar released what arguably remains its most iconic model to this day with the original E-Type. The tremendous success of the E-Type would ultimately spawn a slew of additional model variants and later generations of the famed four-wheeler. Like most vintage vehicular offerings, the original E-Type was sold with a roll-up factory tool kit containing everything needed to perform basic upkeep and/or road-side maintenance. Now, for the first time in nearly half-a-century, the Coventry car company is once again manufacturing the E-Type’s highly-sought-after tool roll.

A genuine reproduction of the Series 1 and 2 E-Types, the new kit is made to the exact same specifications as the original, with every item it contains being authentic and period-correct, down to the leather-bound canvas tool roll itself. Produced by Jaguar Classic and comprised of 20 individual pieces (plus the tool roll), the kit comes with a myriad of spanners, gauges, screwdrivers, keys, and a few odd items like the grease gun and Ponzi drive — all of which are covered by Jag’s Manufacturer’s warranty. Even the Dunlop brake bleeder tube and tin have been authentically replicated for the kit. Born out of repeated customer requests, each tool is etched or stamped with period-correct Jaguar logos. While it’s not cheap, the reproduction kit costs $940 — around a sixth of the price of an original OEM E-Type tool kit, making this a pretty good deal.

Purchase: $940