These Iconic Shades Now Come Wrapped In Premium Bison Leather

Over the past year, Jacques Marie Mage has made a drastic change within the world of designer eyewear, introducing, replicating, and elaborating upon some of history’s most iconic styles. Now, the brand has joined forces with Black Optical to release an ultra-limited run of Bison Leather shades — and like the brand’s alternative models, they’re a testament to timelessness.

Marie Mage and Black Optical kick off the illustrious capsule by introducing two classic frame styles: the heritage-imbued, 47-millimeter Zepherin, and the historically-inspired Yves. Each example is shaped and produced in Japan before being sent to Italy, where it’s hand-wrapped by artisanal craftsman in superb, ecologically-sourced Bison leather, courtesy of Texas’ prairie-born animals. As a result, the Yves and Zepherin boast a distinct pebbled grain on their exteriors, thanks to the textile’s elaborate shrinking process. Only five examples of each style will be made available, with each pair adopting a suitable price of $2,000. Head to Black Optical’s website to learn more.

Purchase: $2,000