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Embrace The Style of ‘Scarface’ With These Handsome Tony Montana Shades

While a handful of history’s most notorious gangsters are known for their unique outlooks on life or the various ways they’ve achieved success, there’s no denying that their criminality neigh extended into the realm of personal style. In fact, even fictional characters like Scarface’s Tony Montana are lauded for their high-end fashion sense. So if you’ve ever wanted to mimic the drug lord’s tailor-made ensemble, you’ll finally be able to, thanks to the Jacques Marie Mage ‘Montana’ Aviator Glasses.

Much like the glasses worn by Tony in the Miami-based film, this retro, 1980s-inspired eye accessory pulls intelligible inspiration from the era’s most prominent designs, introducing a large, rounded silhouette, arched bridge, and sterling silver hardware. Each classic frame is made from high-quality acetate and comes complete with a custom hairline engraved wire core and signature arrowhead front pin, working alongside Mage’s domed 3D metal cameo logo and tension-secured custom hinge to bring the iconic silhouette into modernity. At its front, you’ll find a set of handsome 4-base green CR39 lenses boasting a protective, anti-reflective treatment to keep you looking as classy as the Florida-based warmonger. The Montana is available now via Jacques’ website for $575.

Purchase: $575