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These Rare Aviator Sunglasses Were Inspired By Hunter S. Thompson

Just as Salvador Dali had his signature mustache and Winston Churchill always had a cigar between his teeth, so too did Hunter S. Thompson almost always wear a pair of aviator sunglasses. And now, the folks at Jacques Marie Mage has released a pair of limited-edition shades that pay homage to the journalistic legend.

Appropriately called the Peyote and Duke, these pieces of eyewear are extremely rare — with only 500 and 350 to be made, respectively. The first of the two comes with green-hued lenses, golden frames, and beautiful tortoiseshell inlays. The second boasts a beautiful gold frame with matching gold-tinted lenses. And both are branded with signature “Gonzo” lettering — which extends to their limited-edition packaging and a microfiber cleaning cloth complete with Ralph Steadman artwork upon it. If you fancy yourself a Thompson fanatic, you can get a pair for yourself for $850.

Purchase: $850