Johnny Knoxville & Friends Enjoy One Final Hurrah In ‘Jackass Forever’

Photo: Paramount Pictures

More than 20 years ago, a small, close-knit group of friends started producing prank and stunt videos that would eventually give way to a series of wildly successful film projects — such as CKY2K — before ultimately landing a TV show on MTV. And while this show would only last three seasons, it would go on to inspire a host of spin-offs and copycat programs, as well as a powerhouse of a franchise with the Jackass movies.

Now, a decade on the heels of Jackass 3D, Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, Steve-O, Jason Acuña, and the rest of the crew has announced what will be their final movie project in Jackass Forever. Despite being literal decades older, the group’s stunts, pranks, and antics are no less extreme than they were in previous years. A large budget from Paramount Pictures has also given the friends the ability to create some pretty bonkers contraptions — to put it mildly. Knowing this will be their final farewell to the franchise, Knoxville and his pals didn’t hold back — instead opting to take on some even more insane ideas, many of which can be seen in the trailer released this morning. Jackass Forever is scheduled to hit theaters on October 22, 2021.