Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye Whiskey

For those who are sad to see the summer go – we have some news that might cheer you up. Jack Daniel’s recently announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new recipe this October. Introducing the Tennessee Rye Whiskey.

This new spirit from the 150-year-old Lynchburg, Tennessee distiller has a grain bill of 70-percent rye, 18-percent corn, and 12-percent malted barley. Like other whiskeys from Jack Daniel’s, this new rye expression is charcoal mellowed and matured in American oak barrels. The resulting character of the 90-proof rye is a perfect complement to the fall; featuring notes of caramel and baking spice that finish out with a peppery rye character. As far as aroma goes, the notes read that it has a unique mixture of fruity sweetness couched in a heavier oak and spice. Whether you end up sipping it neat or in a cocktail, it is sure not to disappoint. Keep an eye out for this bottle, it should show up nationally next month.

Purchase: $27