iXoost Xilo 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker

There’s nothing like the sound of firing up the ignition on a Ferrari. It was once said, “The sound of a 12-cylinder engine should be listened to as if it were a symphony.” We whole heartedly agree, and it looks like we’re not alone. Using the sound of a finely tuned engine as inspiration, the engineers and designers at iXoost built the F1 inspired 5.1 speakers.

Designed and built in Modena, Italy, these Bluetooth wireless speakers boast a unique and patented interweaving of exhaust-inspired, hand crafted tubes that serve to increase the low end on the whole setup. This speaker has much more than just heavy bass, however, as the team at iXoost set out to tackle the challenge of combining mechanics and sound. Outfitted with a central tweeter, midrange, side mid bass speakers, and a subwoofer in the base of the setup – you are going to get a great range that’ll do every song on your shuffle playlist justice. Along with all of this, you can toggle between aux and Bluetooth feeds, adjust frequency, and before you buy – you can get customized colors on the speaker heads. Pick up one for yourself starting at around $5,700. [Purchase]

Xilo 5.1 Speaker By iXoost 1

Xilo 5.1 Speaker By iXoost 2

Xilo 5.1 Speaker By iXoost 3