iXOOST OTTO Exhaust Speaker Dock

We’ve all been there. Casually listening to our music, trying to get some work done or hosting some friends, when all of a sudden everybody’s favorite track gets shuffled into the mix. But when it comes time to crank up the volume, that lackluster dock of yours just doesn’t make the cut. Thankfully, there’s the iXOOST music dock to give your tunes that extra blast of volume. And here’s the kicker: each dock pays tribute to the craftsmanship of Modena and its race cars.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary world of racing, the iXOOST amplifies the true heart of the engine – the exhaust pipe. It’s original in concept and the entire package, from tunes to tailpipe, exhumes authenticity. Each 8-cylinder model hosts a dome tweeter, cone midrange, extended range and active sub-woofer speaker inside real tailpipes. You can also choose which racing make and model best fits your style. Available now for about $7,900. [Purchase]

iXOOST OTTO Speakers 2

iXOOST OTTO Speakers 3

iXOOST OTTO Speakers 4