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iXOOST’s Latest Lavish Speaker Is a Joint Effort with Mercedes-AMG

Former speakers from iXOOST include (but are not limited to) its Lamborghini- and F1-inspired models, those of which garnered inspiration from differing exhaust systems. However, its latest build is switching things up entirely, as the boutique audio manufacturer has collaborated with Mercedes-AMG to craft a painstakingly detailed speaker based on the marque’s AMG GT Black Series.

The gorgeous speaker boasts all the authentic elements of the iconic roadster, like its inimitable front grill, scale-adjacent hood vents, and, obviously, loads of lightweight carbon fiber. On that note, the speaker weighs just 33 pounds, which is impressive when you account for its massive size, measuring roughly 26” long, a sliver under 30” wide, and just over 10” tall. It’s finished off with aluminum-made Mercedes and AMG logos on its front end, then placed upon an aluminum-milled pedestal to ensure maximum stability and design consistency.

And while its design alone can deem it a worthy centerpiece in any automotive lover’s home, the audial specs are equally remarkable. The AMG-designed hi-fi speaker features a pair of bass reflexes, two 6” woofers, and four 1” tweeters, all of which come together to form a 360-degree listening experience. The bass reflexes appear on both sides of the speaker and are housed in a set of original AMG GT exhausts, adding to the unique design of this chic speaker.

All things considered, this Bluetooth 4.5-compatible audio system is a work of art inside and out. While iXOOST is yet to reveal any pricing information, stay on the lookout for future announcements regarding its collab with Mercedes-AMG on its website.

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Photo: iXOOST Modena
Photo: iXOOST Modena
Photo: iXOOST Modena