iWorkCase’s MacBook Pro 16 Case Is Perfect For In-The-Field Designers

For many creative professionals, the need for a dependable workstation is always at the forefront of any project. Luckily, iWorkCase has answered the prayers of many with its proprietary DigiCase — an all-in-one solution/workstation for teams looking to utilize their mobile editing suites, monitors, and laptops while on-site.

The company’s newest offering, the iWorkCase V3 16, elaborates on its already-trusted DigiCase system; but this time, it’s been built to support the MacBook Pro 16. As one of the genre’s most trusted portable devices for on-the-fly editing and scene review, the MacBook Pro has become an essential part of any photographer/videographer’s kit. As such, iWorkCase’s robust system — which calls upon a proprietary sun hood, dark cloth, custom foam inlay, aluminum tripod coupling system, carrying strap, and keys — has been conceived to ease the burden of on-site shooting. Each kit provides tailored storage areas for a single HyperJuice 1.5 222 or 1.5 150 battery, 1-4 HyperJuice USB-C PD 100 batteries, 1-2 external hard drives, and up to 4 CF and SD cards, while calling upon a near-indestructible, windproof silhouette to protect your expensive gear from external inhibitors. Head to the company’s website to pick up the DigiCase V3 16 Workstation for $660.

Purchase: $660