Issey Miyake’s Hexagonal ROKU Watch Is A Minimalist Geometric Beauty

For many, time can be represented in a circular fashion. Not only has our assumption of time become somewhat synonymous with the shape, but throughout history, watches, clocks, and other timekeeping devices have maintained the same type of structure, regardless of their evolution. The genre’s adherence to this circular architecture didn’t sit well with designer Konstantin Grcic, who’s fashioned a unique hexagonal variant for the premium watch brand, Issey Miyake.

The six-sided timepiece is certainly alluring, thanks to its sleek outward appearance and timeless detail. While it’s been introduced by Grcic as an obvious departure from the traditional circular design of the genre’s other offerings, its dial remains stagnant, paying homage to the flow of time throughout the ages. Throughout, a suite of triangular elements, including the watch’s indices and edges, acts as a rebellious alternative to mimicry and form, demarcating the timepiece’s effort to break free of its generic symbolism. As a result, Grcic’s design has taken on a subdued but functional silhouette, reminiscing the (misleadingly) simplistic nature of honeycombs and snow crystals. Head to Issey Miyake’s website to learn more about the watch, as well as its impending release, on June 26.

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