iRobot Rolls Out A Smart Roomba That Can Detect Objects In Its Path

In 2002, iRobot introduced its first-ever Roomba, though, over the subsequent two decades, these robotic vacuums have become markedly more advanced with each new generation, culminating in the debut of the latest self-guided robot vacuum with the Roomba j7+.

The j7+ boasts numerous noteworthy upgrades and updates over its predecessors, including quieter operation, greater suction power, the ability to spot clean messes, improved custom room mapping, and cleaning time estimates, among others. The most important addition, however, is the j7+’s PrecisionVision Navigation, which is able to recognize objects and avoid obstacles such as charging cords, though the system can also detect solid waste from cats and dogs. Equipped with dual multi-surface rubber brushes, the j7+ also begins cleaning when its owner leaves home and then ceases cleaning when the user returns. iRobot is also selling replacement packs of the filters, brushes, and dirt disposal bags for the new system. Available now, the iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum is priced at $849.

Purchase: $849

Photo: iRobot