Iris Air-Tight Storage Trunk

For those looking to secure all that junk in their trunk, there’s this weathertight option from Iris that’s sure to please. Built with the outdoorsman in mind, this USA-made heavy duty storage trunk will no doubt keep any and all personal belongings safe and out of the hands of any nefarious folk around the campsite.

In addition to the air-tight seal of the Iris Trunk, each storage unit comes equipped with steel buckles and a lockable lid for a little extra security. It’ll block out moisture and keep out insects, ensuring whatever you hold near and dear will remain unaffected by the ever-changing conditions of mother nature. It’s also BPA, acid, PVC, and lignin free so go there should be no reservations about storing any number of non-perishable food items with it’s 30 x 16 x 15.4-inch body. Go ahead, horde away. Prices vary based on availability. [Purchase]

Iris Air-Tight Storage Trunk 2

Iris Air-Tight Storage Trunk 3

Iris Air-Tight Storage Trunk 4