Inventery Mechanical Pen

Small details can go a long way. Add enough time and attention to nearly anything and it will transcend its original purpose – ending up as something more than just the sum of its parts. To our mind, one of the best examples of this is Inventery’s Mechanical Pen.

Described as a design house first and a stationary goods shop second, this small Los Angeles-based company has taken something as ordinary as a pen and turned it into something worth coveting. They did this, in large part, by sweating the details. For instance, each of these three writing utensils feature an all-brass unibody construction that gives them a seamless feel. And for the clicker? Instead of opting for the cheap, plastic ‘tick’ that most pens have, these were instead equipped with a totally silent Schmidt button. As a kind of finishing touch on these minimalist EDC pens, each one is individually numbered and comes with a lifetime warranty. Like we said. The details count.

Purchase: $90