Explore Icelandic Glaciers In This Arctic Expedition Tour Vehicle

Exploring the otherworldly majesty of an ice glacier is typically a daunting process that requires extensive education and training, ample planning, and exorbitant gear and supplies. A company in Iceland is now giving the public a taste of what the Nordic island’s glaciers have to offer in a single-day tour.

Called the “Into And Above The Glacier Tour,” the arctic expedition begins in Iceland’s capital of Reykjavík, before the party boards the tour company’s massive new eight-wheeled, polar-grade, 36-passenger (plus cab), upgraded off-road vehicles – custom-made buses with a robust heating system, onboard wifi, and an audio tour available in ten languages. This guided bus trip then drops its passengers off, at which point they mount snowmobiles and continue the voyage until reaching a tour of a labyrinthian, subterranean manmade ice cave. Lasting approximately 11-hour, the tour also includes lunch and a look at some of the magisterial waterfalls cascading over the region’s lava fields. Booking for the tour is available now, with prices starting from $282.

Purchase: $282+