This Mojave Desert Facility Was Built To Prepare Astronauts For Life On Mars

Dec 10, 2019

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While a continuous manned mission to Mars was once extremely implausible, rapid advancements in various technologies are now opening the door to the possibility of a manned journey to the red planet in the coming years. While traveling the more than 163,000,000-miles to our neighboring planet is obviously one of the most challenging aspects of a manned mission to Mars, another monumental hurdle is designing and building the life-sustaining structures and environments that humans will inhabit — which is where France’s Interstellar Labs and its new EBIOS project enters the fray.

Short for “Experimental Bio-Regenerative Station,” the Paris-based company’s proposed plans call for a 100% sustainable, carbon-neutral, fully-enclosed, interconnected compound capable of accommodating up to 100 occupants. Slated to break ground on the project in 2021, EBIOS will be constructed in the Mojave Desert where some of the conditions of Mars can be recreated both naturally and synthetically. Interstellar Labs’ has also worked closely with NASA to develop waste management, water treatment, and agriculture and food production systems for EBIOS. For six months out of the year, the facility will serve as a state-of-the-art science and research center, while the remaining half of the year will see EBIOS opened to tourists, enabling the operation to be financially viable/sustainable.

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