International Scout ‘LSII-One’ by New Legend

As is the case with all trends, we imagine it will soon be out of style (at least more than it is now) to customize International Scouts. And that’s fine, the rest of the car world can move onto the next big thing. Meanwhile, we’ll stick around and revel in the masterful works of dedicated geniuses — like this one the folks at New Legend have created: the International Scout LSII-One.

It’s pretty hard to make this classic SUV look bad, but it’s far more difficult to elevate it to the level of the LSII-One. All cards on the table, this might be the best custom job on this particular vehicle model we’ve ever seen, with its Ceylon Green paint job and Creme Brûlée top — a combo that goes swimmingly with its all-black undercarriage polyurethane protective all-weather coating and leather upholstery. It would be nothing, however, if it didn’t run well. Luckily, that’s more than covered, too — courtesy of a monstrous 6.2L LS3 engine capable of 430 horsepower, LED upgrades to all the onboard lighting, and a brand-new suspension with a 3.5″ lift kit. Best of all: she’s for sale for $165,000.

Purchase: $165,000