Abimelec’s ‘Hellscout’ Turns An Iconic 4×4 Into A 707HP SUV

The International Scout has become one of the most influential 4×4 platforms of all time, and with an insatiable community of builders, restoration shops, and enthusiasts chomping at the bit for a brand new, bespoke build, Abimelec Design has decided to appease the masses with this one-off SUV.

To bring his unique design orientation to the iconic vehicle, Abimelec has decided to do much more than subtract the top-end of the SUV — the doors, roll cage, and interior have all been minimalized or discarded. To power the beastly little contraption, a 707-horsepower supercharged HEMI Hellcat V8 has been implemented up front, giving the aptly named “Hellscout” a menacing presence on (and off) the roadway. The vehicle’s monstrous powerplant, paired with color-matched off-road wheels and an expeditionary chassis, give this platform a unique leg to stand on for enthusiasts who are looking for something a “little” different from International’s iconic Scout.

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