Instant Shotski: Shot Ski Bracket Kit

Instant Shotski Kit
That ski trip to Colorado just got a whole lot more intoxication-friendly. Say hi to the Shot Ski, a bracket kit that lets you attach shot glasses to a ski and then enjoy a simultaneous shot with your friends. Were you looking for a new way to bond with your buddies? You just found it.

Just peel off the adhesive backing, stick the brackets onto your ski, and then put a shot glass in it (oh, and some alcohol). Most standard shot glasses fit and you can make a shot ski out of pretty much anything you might find on the slopes (ski, snowboard), water (waterski, swordfish bill), or abandoned construction site (2×4, dead mafia member body). There’s no permanent drilling or icky glue to deal with, and the whole installation process takes less than a minute. Salud.