Instagate: Tailgate in a Box

When it’s actually in the act of happening, tailgating is pure heaven. You’ve got the beer, the burgers, the buddies, and the forthcoming athletic contest between two teams who – say it with us – really don’t like each other. But tailgate prep and cleanup is a wretched affair, and that’s precisely why Instagate: Tailgate in a Box, caught our eye.

Looking to give you the entire tailgating experience (minus the consumables) in one box, Instagate opens to reveal a grill, three fold-out table platforms, a 60 qt. waterproof cooler, grilling tools, a lighter with built-in bottle opener, plates, cups, napkins, condiments, beer pong balls, and disposable bags to throw the whole thing away in. The grill is said to be good for two hours of cooking time, and the entire package is biodegradable. Right now $39 gets you a party-in-a-box on Kickstarter. [Purchase]