Insta360 Titan 11K VR Camera

In the world of VR cinematography, there’s no such thing as overkill. Appropriately dubbed the Titan, Insta360’s new VR camera crushes the previous 8K model with 11K capabilities for an insanely immersive viewing experience.

Constructed with eight lenses and Micro Four Thirds sensors with 10-bit color support, which are the biggest you can get on any VR camera, the Titan has colossal power. The VR camera can shoot video at 11K or 10K 3D at 30 fps and 8K at 60 fps. It’s able to take 11K 360° photos in both 3D and monoscopic, allowing your imagination to explode with possibilities. Each lens requires its own high-speed SD card and one SD card is also needed to store gyroscopic metadata for FlowState stabilization. Just like Insta360’s recent cameras, you can run around like a maniac with the Titan and still record impressively stable video footage. This incredible VR camera is going for $15,000 and you can reserve it now for $150.

Purchase: $15,000