Insta360 Follows Up Its VR-Friendly Action Camera With The 5.7K HD ‘One X2’

Insta360 has quickly become one of the most noteworthy names within the action camera industry, thanks to its impeccably-designed 360-degree offerings. While the brand’s contemporary models have helped to define the genre as a whole, it’s looking to the future with its newest revelation — the 5.7K-savvy ONE X2.

While many 360-degree camera providers are focused on the perfection of their 4K-abled platforms, Insta360 has decided to gain heightened ground on its competition with the ONE X2. Not only does this unique, dual-lens model boast a sleek, intuitive layout that makes it perfect for those who are looking to capture their greatest adventures, but it does so in a sharp 5.7K resolution, utilizing automatic internal stitching and an iOS/Android companion app to provide sharable content at the touch of a button. Utilizing the brand’s FlowState Stabilization technology, the ONE X2 can take ultra-steady shots, courtesy of its advanced scene-detection algorithm, record clear, concise audio via its four-microphone layout, and link up with professional audio equipment through its 3.5-millimeter mic adapter. The best part? You won’t need to buy any underwater housings for this bad boy. Upon arrival, it’s already designed to withstand depths of up to 33 feet, making it an affordable option for any aspiring creator who’s looking to take to the sea. Head to B&H Photo, where the device is currently available for pre-order at $430, to pick up one of your own.

Purchase: $430