Insta360 One Action Camera

Once upon a time the only real ‘adventure camera’ out there was made by GoPro. They were that entire market. Now, to our benefit, the rest of the world has caught up to them. And in the case of the Insta360 One Action Camera, they’ve even surpassed the old industry stalwart.

When attached to your phone, placed on a selfie stick, or controlled remotely via an app, the two cameras on either side of this device capture 360-degree video in 4K quality, and can shoot photos at 24 megapixels. For when you’re out romping around on your motorcycle or doing something as wild as hopping out of plane – the interior 6-axis stabilization ensures that all of your shots are stable as well as super high quality. In addition to these cool features, the Insta360 can stream live video to all of your friends, and even has an invisible selfie stick that you can attach to it for that wild ‘floating camera’ effect. The device is set to be released in early September.

Purchase: $300