Insta360’s 0.95OZ, 2.08″ ‘GO 2’ Is The Smallest Action Camera In The World

The action camera industry has experienced enormous technological leaps over the last few years, with the latest and greatest models offering increasingly high-performance filming capabilities in ever-smaller and increasingly rugged packages. And though there’s no shortage of truly stellar offerings on the market, the action cam experts over at Insta360 have undoubtedly just raised the bar in the segment with the debut of its all-new GO 2 model, a hardwearing high-resolution action camera that’s no bigger than your thumb.

Weighing just 0.95oz and measuring only 2.08” x 0.93” x 0.81”, the GO 2 packs a stabilized camera with a scratch-proof, hardened-glass lens, a 110-degree field of view, 1440p resolution, and up to 50FPS. On top of a 210Ah camera battery that affords a half-hour of use, the GO 2 also includes a 1,1000mAh true wireless headphone-style wireless charging case that adds an extra 110 minutes of recording time and can be fully recharged in 65 minutes. Other highlights include an ultra-rugged IPX8 rating, 6x speed hyperlapse and 4x slow-motion modes, FlashCut 2.0 AI-enabled auto-edits, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Sold with a variety of included attachments, the Insta360 GO 2 Action Camera is available now, with pricing set at $300. Insta360 also offers the option to custom-design your own camera skins on its website.

Purchase: $300