Insta360 EVO Foldable Camera

Insta360 was already an industry leader when it came to 360-degree camera technology, blowing away the competition with their Titan, One X, and Pro 2 cameras. Their newest offering, the EVO dual-foldable camera system, promises to drive the company even further up the competitive ladder — offering an innovative take on both 3D and 360-degree applications.

The EVO features a unique “latch” system that combines two versatile f/2.2 3D cameras into a single device, allowing users to take 18-megapixel photos, record 5.7K video at 30 frames per second, and utilize 4K capabilities. A built-in six-axis stabilization system promises accurate, shake-free footage, while the EVO’s folding capability transitions from a side-by-side 3D setup into a cube-shaped 360-degree camera platform. For an additional $30, Insta360 has devised the HoloFrame, a transparent case that replaces burgeoning peripherals like the Google Cardboard and Oculus Go — both of which provide proprietary solutions to viewing 3D photos. Instead, the HoloFrame transforms your iPhone into a 3D display, allowing users to critique their previously shot photo and video assets via a handheld device. The Insta360 is available for pre-order now and will retail for $420.

Purchase: $420