Insta360 Dual Lens Camera

In the last year Facebook, among many others, rolled out 360 degree ‘VR’ videos on their platform to a good deal of fan-fair. It was heralded as a new step in digital media and one that would change the landscape from then on out. No one was exactly wrong in saying that, but not a whole lot of people actually had – or have – the capability to shoot 360 degree video. The Insta360 changes that, transforming your iPhone into a fully functional VR video camera.

Essentially two 210-degree fisheye lenses put back to back this camera allows for 360 degree streaming wherever you are. Whether you are trying to capture a party with you and your friends, a ski trip, or a ride through the city traffic on your bike, the Insta360 lets you record it all in 3040X1520 3K resolution. Thanks to MicroSD storage of up to 64 gigs, you can keep the camera rolling as long as you want. Just slide this bad boy onto your iPhone 6, fire up the app, and you’re to roll. Prices start at $200. [Purchase]

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