Inspectorbots Stealth Pan/Tilt Minibot

Having a rugged robot on your side is a childhood dream that’s now a convenient reality. Okay, so this isn’t a T-800, but the Inspectorbots Stealth Pan/Tilt Minibot is a tough, adventure-ready tactical machine that you can control wirelessly.

The 4-Wheel Drive electric vehicle is made from an aircraft grade aluminum shell and only weights 10 lbs. This compact beast can hike up a max incline of 30 degrees with its off-road rubber tires and reaches a top speed of about 4 mph. It can spin on a dime, making it ideal for tight spaces, and it houses a Go-Pro camera so you can record the robot’s journey as you control it via an app on your smartphone. The water-resistant Stealth Pan/Tilt version is capable of panning 180° and tilting up to 135° making it virtual reality-ready. With a range of 1,200 feet, this machine is perfect for military, law enforcement, S.W.A.T., and covert investigation.

Purchase: $5,500+