Be Your Best Self With InsideTracker’s Blood & DNA-Analyzing Nutrition System

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With the benefit of modern science, we have a better understanding of human health and biology than ever before. Despite the scientific and health communities being privy to this info, exceedingly few individuals are actually applying this knowledge to their own bodies and lives. Enter InsideTracker, a company aiming to rectify this discrepancy via the introduction of an ultra-comprehensive, fully-customized, and personalized wellness and performance system.

Born out of extensive research performed by leading scientists in the aging, genetics, and biometric data fields at elite institutions including Harvard and Tufts, InsideTracker’s program starts with a blood test that analyzes up to 43 biomarkers in order to custom-formulate an optimal and scientifically backed lifestyle plan. A sophisticated and patented algorithm then takes into account elements including your lifestyle habits, physiology, preferences and demographics in order to deliver the perfect individualized action plan, consisting of a nutrition plan, fitness regiment, and other various lifestyle recommendations to help you be your best self. More than merely giving blind suggestions, InsideTracker takes things one step further by diving into scientific evidence behind its plans in order to educate its customers and help them reach their goals. The system also continues tracking ongoing feedback from your body in order to see your progress, tweak your plans or change your goals. With plans starting at just $49, InsideTracker is currently giving HiConsumption readers a generous 25% off anything sitewide, including its best selling ULTIMATE plan at the link below.

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