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Display Your Auto Collection Securely With These Vehicle Exhibition Garages

Despite most car and motorcycle collectors wanting to display their respective stables, doing so typically comes at the cost of decreased security and vulnerability to thieves and the elements. Recognizing the need for a secure solution to vehicle storage that still allows cars and bikes to be put on full display, France’s INNO’KUB has designed a series of exhibition garages.

Based in Perles-et-Castelet in Southwestern France, the firm is comprised of staffers with more than 20-years of experience in the carpentry and woodworking field. INNO’KUB sells individual display garages for a single car or motorcycle that pack and ship flat, and are manufactured in the Pyrenees exclusively using French wood. In addition to carport-style shelters, INNO’KUB produces custom, made-to-order garages complete with optional tool storage solutions and lighting — though unlike the regular garages, the custom-made units can’t be moved. Offering the best of both worlds, these garages enable owners to visually appreciate their vehicles when they aren’t being piloted, and have peace of mind the remainder of the time. The motorcycle garages start at $4,700 (and go up to $18,750 for the two-story unit), while the modular car garages begin at $17,650 and the full custom structures go from $565 per square meter.

Purchase: $4,700+