This Smart Robotic Phone Stand Won Samsung’s Mobile Design Competition

The industrial design segment is full of interesting products and concepts, but it’s inherently tainted by an oversaturation of notable items, causing innovative ideas to be swept under the rug. Companies like Samsung and Dezeen understand the way the design space works; so, to bring some of these ideas into the spotlight, they’ve put together the Samsung Mobile Design Competition.

The winner of this year’s event is none other than the “Star of Galaxy,” a robotic stand that recognizes its users’ orientation in a room and adjusts its viewing angle depending on where they’re located. To bring this idea to life, André Gouveia, Nuno Pires, and João Pereira — the creative minds behind Inngage — have found inspiration in the world of collaborative robotics, where technologies are devised to supplement human activity and work in coexistence with mankind. The adaptive device operates alongside Samsung’s smart assistant, Bixby, and articulates to document and aid individuals who move around the room for different purposes, like presentations, video conferences, and personal recordings.

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