INKAS Huron APC Armored Vehicle

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Rides

If the amount of zombie-proof vehicles hitting the market are any sign of what’s to come, then we are all doomed. The latest model aimed at the post-apocalyptic world is the INKAS Huron APC.

Technically it’s a SWAT team vehicle, but we like to think the folks at INKAS are prepping for the inevitable. While this thing can withstand rounds from both 7.62×51 SC ammunition along with 7.62×51 M80 NATO Ball ammunition, this beast of a vehicle was actually designed to be extremely maneuverable, and lightweight for its outward appearance. In addition to being bullet proof, this armored vehicle has also been equipped with a blast-protected floor that will help you drive right through land mines and grenades. When you want to go on the offensive, an optional roof-mounted gun turret will get the job done nicely. Of course this much vehicle needs a fully capable power plant, which is why the INKAS Huron APC has been outfitted with a 8.3-liter Paccar Engine mated to ten-speed manual Allison transmission – perfect for tackling any terrain. [Purchase]

INKAS Huron APC Armored Vehicle 2

INKAS Huron APC Armored Vehicle 3

INKAS Huron APC Armored Vehicle 4

INKAS Huron APC Armored Vehicle 5

INKAS Huron APC Armored Vehicle 6

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