INKAS Hudson APC Land Cruiser

Dec 30, 2016

Category: Rides

Taking the phrase “boys in blue” to a whole new level, US Law Enforcement, border patrol or SWAT could soon be sporting this armored beast in the near future. Built by INKAS, the armored vehicle manufacturing specialists, the Hudson APC offers an insanely durable solution for transport of authorized personnel. It’s also one of the most capable vehicles we’ve ever seen.

It’s all based upon the ’79 Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 platform except this iteration seats up to eight people, including a turret operator on the roof, and is powered by a turbocharged 4.5L V8 diesel engine that produces 317 ft. lbs of torque and 202 horsepower. It features an auxiliary air conditioning system, hosts two escape hatches, gunports around the perimeter of the vehicle, and the entire body is armored enough to withstand anything from 7.62mm assault rifle rounds to an explosion caused by two hand grenades. It’s available in both left and right-hand drive making the vehicle globally applicable to a vast array of law enforcement and military needs. Pricing available upon request. [Purchase]

INKAS Hudson APC Land Cruiser 6

INKAS Hudson APC Land Cruiser 3

INKAS Hudson APC Land Cruiser 4

INKAS Hudson APC Land Cruiser 2

INKAS Hudson APC Land Cruiser 1

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