INKAS Offers Stylish Safety With Its Luxe Armored G63 Mercedes AMG Limo

Adding armor to a VIP’s transport isn’t anything new. For decades, important individuals have relied on some of the world’s most formidable platforms to get them where they need to go, safely. But straddling the line between gratuitous and low-profile can often be difficult. Luckily, INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has found a way to strike a perfect balance between the two with its Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Limo.

The elongated G63 that you see here is a luxury transport built for the industry’s most prolific individuals. As such, it’s found a way to incorporate INKAS’s cutting-edge reinforcement, plating, and anti-ballistics alongside one of the world’s most sought-after SUV platforms. Offering buyers unprecedented perimeter protection, multi-layer, bullet-resistant glass, reinforced hinges, run-flat devices, and an optional light-weight armor package rated at CEN 1063 BR 7, this 563-horsepower example brings a formidable suite of protective measures to the forefront. But that’s not all. To give the G63 a more luxurious appeal, INKAS has introduced a high-profile Alcantara suede and exotic leather interior, 4K Apple TV integration, a motorized bar/cooler, and reclining/massaging seats, helping passengers to sit back and relax, regardless of the situation. Head to INKAS’s website to inquire.

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